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  • Learn how to find and analyze cash flowing properties without any guesswork so you can minimize risk and increase your return on investment.
  • Stop wasting time on podcasts, articles, and YouTube videos about real estate investing and get guidance tailored to your situation so you can take real action and see the results faster.
  • Discover the system and strategies that helped our clients buy $75M+ worth of real estate so you can scale your real estate portfolio without trial and error.
  • Have real estate investing experts ready to assist you in crunching the numbers, finding the best deals, and making property purchase decisions.

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A quick overview of our process

Analyzing Markets And Properties

The #1 mistake we see with clients is that they use a suboptimal analysis method for both city and property analysis. The two keys to buying cash-flowing rentals are 1) knowing which is the right city/market to invest in and 2) understanding what makes a property a good deal. We focus on understanding market economics first and then we look at how we can make money on the buy.

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Financing The Deal

A common misconception in real estate investing is that you need to have cash or credit to buy a property. We teach our members how to use creative financing systems and scale their real estate portfolios leveraging OPM (i.e. other people’s money). That way, they can invest in multiple properties per year even if they have maxed out their own mortgage capability.

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Recruiting And Hiring

Building an A-team and treating real estate investing as a business is going to be a launching pad to a multimillion dollar portfolio. However, finding top performers and keeping them on your team is an art of its own. We’ll let you in on the exact systems and processes we use at rentalconsulting.com to find, screen, and vet contractors to do the renovations, property management, accounting, and more.

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Systems And Management

We use proven systems to buy and manage properties in a way that allows us to scale without doubling the amount of time invested in active work. That way, we’re able to build recession-proof businesses purely thanks to systems that work in an upmarket, downmarket, or a sideways market. Thanks to our systematized approach, our students are able to scale faster without trial and error.

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RentalConsulting.com is a real estate investing education company specialized in helping investors obtain great return on investments and automate their business to unlock time and location freedom. Our members have bought over $75 million worth of real estate using systems and processes they learned inside of our private mentorship community.
The real estate mentorship we offer is very customized to each individual and their situation. We start by having a consultation call in order to assess where they are at and what they need help with. If we think we can get them there faster with less costly mistakes, then we put together a plan and execute.
No, we do not take part ownership of any property you purchase as a result of mentorship with RentalConsulting.com.
No, we do not actively source deals for our members. We do, however, provide a step-by-step process and all the tools needed to find cash flowing deals. Having this skill is far more valuable than being given a one-time opportunity and not knowing how to replicate it.
As soon as you’re selected to join the community, you will be given access to our backend platform with pre-recorded video lessons, as well as a schedule for weekly live coaching calls.
It's a 6 month engagement for many of the clients we work with. After that, we will assess where you’re at and figure out if you’re still needing guidance. You will still have access to our platform and pre-recorded lessons after 6 months.
To figure out if this is a good fit, first apply by clicking the schedule button on this page. You will be taken to a new page to fill out a quick questionaire and book in a strategy session with out team. During this session, we will assess your current situation and put together a gameplan tailored to your goals in real estate investing.